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11 AM

Check-In / Magic Market

12 PM

Welcome Address

12:15 PM

Panel 1: Self-Love for the Modern Woman

Every woman has looked in the mirror and talked sh!t about the woman staring back at her; how do we love ourselves exactly as we are, today? Loving yourself is an easy thing to say, but how can it become a practice through body positivity, sexuality, style, and mental health? This panel is for anyone who's ready to shed the hate and spread the love, hosted by women who have walked the walk and inspire every day. 


Moderator: Christine Brown

Speakers: Ossi Andrade, Mariah Caudillo, Heather Janz, Yesenia Hipolito

1 PM

Breakout Session 1: The Real Life of an Entrepreneur

Sip on the TEA that these local entrepreneurs are about to serve. The amazing, the struggle, the sacrifice, and finding genuine joy by taking what started as an idea on a napkin through the journey of building a business.


Moderator: Cassandra McClure

Speakers: Desirae Washington, Alexandra Register, Alana Little

1:30 PM

Lunch / Magic Market

2:30 PM

Panel 2: The Creative Woman and Corporate America

The cruel corporate American tradition of grinding in a cubicle doesn’t usually fit with the untraditional creative.  So what do you do? Innovative women talk about breaking through institutional obstacles and speaking life into a creative career path on the road less traveled, all the while balancing family, friends, and all things life.


Moderator: Christine Brown

Carlanda Williams, Patty Olino, Sandra Cazares, Andrea Andrade

3:15 PM

Breakout Session 2: How to Use Social Media for IRL Change

Social media is a huge part of life as we know it. With so much content to view, it's hard to filter through the noise. Meet women that are sharing their passions online and utilizing social media for change in real life. Soak up their messages of modern activism and experience social change we can all double tap. 


Moderator: Dayana Jiselle

Speakers: Rippin Sinder, Miciah Garcia, Saundra Hightower

4 PM

Fireside Chat: A Conversation with the Women of Pero Like

Hear from the women who are doing all of the above; creating unconventionally, using their platform to spread positivity and representation, loving themselves and their culture, all while being chingona AF. The changing vibe of the women of the internet; real, hilarious and inclusive. 


Maya Murillo, Alexis Tirado, Alexis Garcia

5 PM

Closing Remarks

* Schedule subject to change *

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